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Provence enjoys a Mediterranean climate, characterized by a dry and hot summer, low rainfall (less than 60 rainy days per year) and therefore a lot of sunshine. Mercury can reach 35°C in summer, although it is more likely to be around 30°C.

The villages of the Vaucluse region are often cooler in winter than near the coast, as they are exposed to the wind around them. April and October are the wettest months, and they experience heavy rainfall and showers that can last for a few days.

Conditions are at their best from late May to late June, when temperatures fluctuate around 26°C and the sun is plentiful. Plants, flowers and fruit trees flourish to their full potential, and roads are generally free of vacationers. September is pleasant and also enjoys a favourable climate; Swimming pools can be enjoyed until October. In contrast, July and August are the high tourist season. Europeans are on vacation this time of year, and it is becoming necessary to book accommodation well in advance. The coast is under attack, and it takes more time and patience to travel by car, the hinterland seems a better option for souls in search of peace and quiet.

The Mistral, this well-known wind, hits Provence all year round. It is a strong wind that can reach 100 km/h and blow for a whole day or even several days in a row.

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