Taking care of your property

First-class Property Management Services for homeowners in the Luberon

Are you a holiday home owner in the Luberon, seeking
a trustworthy local manager to look after your property?

Our Property Management Services cover everything a holiday home requires

Rental management

If you decide to rent out your house, The Luberon Concierge will be your tenants’ first point of contact for all their rental needs. 

  • We advertise your property on our website and social media channels.
  • We deal with all pre-arrival queries.
  • We greet your tenants at the door, conduct check-in/out inspections, and provide welcome packages.
  • We can also take care of writing the guest book/instructions for the use of the home, in English and French. 

In addition, we coordinate turn-over preparation, arranging necessary repairs, cleaning and laundry services.

Concierge services

The Luberon Concierge offers various Luxury Concierge Services for property owners or guests renting the house.

A pick-up at the airport or the train station, a full fridge upon arrival, a hair-dresser appointment, a trustworthy babysitter for the evening… Whatever you need, leave it to us. The Luberon Concierge is dedicated to making your stay 100% stress-free.

Staff coordination

Over the years, The Luberon Concierge has brought together a loyal team of cleaners, gardeners, pool specialists, stonemasons, electricians… 

We make sure they know your house well, and we work together to help maintain the highest standards for your property throughout the year.


& Restoration supervision

Whether you just bought your house and want to have it transformed or redecorated, or you have owned it for a while and feel like starting a new project to give it a fresh, unique vibe, The Luberon Concierge can find you the right team. 

We are the link between your vision & plan and the completion of the work. And if you are looking for an interior designer to make your dreams come true, we know who to call.

Pool maintenance

The upkeep and maintenance of your pool require regular preventive monitoring.

The local specialists we work with offer advice, services and solutions adapted to your needs and expectations all year round, from preparing the pool before summer to wintering your pool. 

They are on call to ensure the water is always clean and the equipment is functioning correctly.

Garden maintenance

The professional gardeners we work with know the region and the local trees and plants perfectly. They can take care of your garden all year round and will offer expert advice if you feel the need for some landscaping.

Security inspections

The owners who entrust us with their property know we will check on it regularly, even when the high season is over. We are on constant watch to make sure no incident goes without notice.

Why choose us?

Trust, constancy and reliability are the cornerstones of our relationship with property owners

Sandrine Brooker created The Luberon Concierge in 2019 after years of experience in luxury customer service, fashion, event management and real estate.

“We currently provide property maintenance, rental management & marketing services to over 15 homeowners in the Luberon. Most of them live abroad, so it is as essential for us as it is for them to build a relationship based on trust and reliability.”

We combine local expertise with an international background. The team speaks fluent French and English.

The Luberon Concierge covers the Golden Triangle of the Luberon - from Gordes to Bonnieux, Ménerbes, Oppède, Lacoste, Roussillon, Goult...

We are continuously connected with the owners of the properties we manage, and we know each house like the back of our hand.

Our relationship with all owners is one of trust and reliability. Our mission is to help maintain the highest standards for your home throughout the year.

Over the years, The Luberon Concierge has put together a carefully selected team of cleaners, gardeners, electricians, masons, and various service providers. We work hand in hand to ensure your property gets the same level of attention and care we would want for our home.


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