Is Travelling to Provence during the 2024 Olympics a smart move?

With the Summer Olympics fast approaching and now less than 100 days away, there’s an electric atmosphere around France, especially for those planning to visit Provence. If you’re debating whether to come to this picturesque region during the games, let us put your concerns to rest and amplify your excitement.
Provence is your go-to for both thrill and chill this summer – here’s why.


Marseille is where the Olympic sailing events will take place.

For the Sports Buffs: Catch the Olympic Fever

Marseille: A Hub for Olympic Sailing and Football

Sailing Competitions: Marseille has been chosen as the venue for the Olympic sailing events. Fans will be welcomed from around the globe to its pristine Mediterranean waters. The Marina Olympique is set to be a focal point, offering thrilling races and stunning coastal views.

The vibrant city of Marseille will host 12 days of sailing competitions – from July 28th to August 8th, 2024 – bringing together 330 athletes from 40 different nations. What sets Olympic sailing events apart is that competitors face off on identical vessels.

In total, 10 sailing disciplines are involved:

– Women’s and men’s foil windsurfing (IQFoil, a new discipline at the Games)

– Women’s and men’s double-handed dinghy (49er)

– Women’s single-handed dinghy (Laser Radial ILCA 6) and men’s single-handed dinghy (Laser Radial ILCA 7)

– Women’s and men’s kiteboarding (formula kite, a new discipline at the Games)

– Mixed double-handed foil catamaran (Nacra 17)

– Mixed double-handed dinghy

Prepare to be captivated by the thrilling sailing action against the stunning backdrop of Marseille’s picturesque coastline during this exhilarating Olympic event!

Football Matches: The iconic Stade Vélodrome will host key Olympic football matches. Renowned for its electric atmosphere, it gives fans a memorable experience of the world’s most popular sport.

The men’s Olympic football tournament features 16 teams and 288 athletes. The women’s tournament brings together 11 teams and 199 athletes. Teams are primarily composed of players under the age of 23 (with only 3 older players permitted).

Marseille will host 10 matches (an equal number of men’s and women’s matches) at the Orange Vélodrome, from July 24th to August 6th, 2024. Get ready to witness the excitement of Olympic football as Marseille welcomes these talented teams to its iconic stadium!

Tickets for Olympic sessions are regularly put on sale, so keep an eye out for the events that interest you the most.

Travel Made Simple: Luberon to Marseille

The drive from the tranquil Luberon to the bustling heart of the Olympic action in Marseille is quick and easy, taking only about an hour. A professional chauffeur service  can accommodate you in a car or a van, ensuring you travel in comfort and style, letting you relax and enjoy the scenery without the hassle of navigating the routes yourself.

For Those Seeking Serenity: Finding Peace in Provence

Explore the Timeless Luberon

Amidst the excitement of the Olympics, the Luberon region stands out as a sanctuary of peace and natural beauty. Known for its rolling hills, verdant vineyards, and stone villages that have stood the test of time, the Luberon offers a tranquil retreat for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle. Take strolls through medieval villages like Bonnieux, Ménerbes, and Gordes, each offering breathtaking views, artisanal markets, and the slow, enchanting pace of rural life.

Cultural Immersion and Artistic Discoveries

The Luberon has long been a magnet for artists, writers, and thinkers, drawn to its luminous light, vibrant landscapes, and serene atmosphere. Explore art galleries scattered across the region, offering a glimpse into the creative heart of Provence. Engage with local artisans and participate in workshops celebrating the region’s rich cultural heritage, from creating custom-made perfume to crafting lavender wands. The possibilities are endless, and many options exist to plan the perfect day for all ages.

Unwind and Rejuvenate

In addition to its natural and cultural allure, the Luberon is dotted with exclusive wellness spas where various treatments and activities are designed to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. From aromatic lavender spa treatments to yoga classes overlooking the vineyards, visitors can find a deep sense of well-being and relaxation that contrasts with the excitement of the Olympic Games. If you rent a holiday villa in Provence, an in-house service can also be arranged by a private concierge, giving you access to a network of carefully selected wellness partners.

The legendary hilltop village of Gordes.

Secure Your Spot: Book Early

The Olympics are drawing visitors from around the globe, making early booking crucial to secure your perfect getaway. From luxurious villas in the countryside to boutique hotels in the heart of historic towns, Provence offers many options to suit every preference and budget. The Luberon’s collection of luxury accommodations caters to every preference, and some property owners are even offering special discounts right now.

Beyond the Olympics: Indulge in Provence

Provence is not just a destination; it’s an experience filled with rich history, gourmet dining, and exquisite wine-tasting tours. Planning these activities does not need to give you a headache: leaving that to a professional concierge is an option. Let a local expert take care of the details while you savour that first sip of rosé by the pool, fully relaxed and catered to.

2024, a Summer like no other in Provence?

So, is travelling to Provence in the Summer of 2024 a good idea?
Whether you’re an Olympic fan or seeking a peaceful retreat, Provence offers the perfect mix this summer. Plan your visit with these considerations in mind, and you’ll surely have an unforgettable experience in one of France’s most enchanting regions. Embrace the excitement or find your haven—or why not both?
The Luberon Concierge can guide you to an unforgettable experience in Provence. Book now to secure your luxury stay with us, where every detail is tailored to your preferences.


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